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Kyros Massage Parlor Webpage

It's a webpage for massage parlor combining modern, sensitive and beautiful design with small download size which make it lightning fast and easy to use on mobile devices.
The front-end is made using custom CSS with no frameworks. This resulted in extremely low CSS file size which is of course beneficial for the page.

Nowadays people spend less time on websites and about 46% of them will leave if the page lack a message. This is where the huge and calling headline helps. A studies found that strong colors increase website recognition by 80%. Intensive color with sensitive background and massive caption transmit strong message to the visitor.

For the back-end we used our favorite Laravel framework.
Laravel is an open-source PHP framework designed to make developing web apps easier and faster through built-in features so we can provide functionality like multilingual content or secure communication with the clients. Also thanks to the Laravel any future functionality extensions will be possible to implement easily and without the need to rewrite the current webpage logic.