Published: 3 years ago

Gym Management with Monthly Payments

Riders Performance Center - the biggest multi branch sport center in the south of Gran Canaria with hundreds of active members struggled with management of membership payments.
Because of Spanish government restrictions related to Covid 19 pandemic the Gym management had to restict amount of persons allowed to train at the same time and find themselves in need of providing their customes a booking system so they could easily choose the type and the hour of the training session.
The Gym also felt the need to provide the customers with updated information about their membership, prices, opening hours etc. without need to answer the phone calls or emails.
On top of all this the customers should have easy to use training tables with videos and personal trainig tables accessible on-line.

The system is mobile friendly what is especially important in the Customer's part which is also used as a guide while training in the gym.

The system has three main parts:

  • public - where anybody can find necessairy information about the Gym, the prices, opening hours, address etc.
  • customer - where logged-in customers can make on-line payments, see their status, make and see their bookings, training tables etc.
  • administration - where Gym's staff can manage the everyday life of the gym, check payments, bookings, customer details and change settings of the system


Main features of the system:

  • Booking - allows to check customer's bookings and payments when they arrive at the gym's reception
  • Precise right management - every user in the system belongs to a specific group which define what exactly the user can do. Eg. Customer group can access only the customer's part of the system and Staff group members can also access the administration panel with restricted subset of functions so they can perform everyday customer management but they can't acces more advanced functions restricted to the Administration group.
  • User management - all user related functions like theri rights in the system, subscription levels, payments, invoices etc.
  • Training tables - allows to manage training tables, descriptions, videos and pictures.
  • Personal training tables - alows the staff members to prepare personalized training tables for many days for the customer.
  • CMS - management of the front pages (public part of the system)
  • Gyms - managenet of gym's branches, their timetables and capacities

You can see the page here